Beauty Products of the Month

This is the Beauty Products of the Month (BPOTM) series where I will test and try products and reveal the ones I like and will use again. Any products you don’t see on the list have either been fails. 

Here are my picks for the Beauty Products of the month.

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Hello again friends, in this post I will be giving you my favourite beauty products of the week. All these products have been tried and tested by me and it is my privilege to share them with you.

1. TruSkin Naturals

I tried this product for 2 weeks and incorporated it into my normal daily skincare regime. The results I found were, my skin felt smoother it looked brighter. I am prone to breakouts and during the 2 weeks, I tried this product I noticed I wasn’t breaking out as much. So I stopped using it for a week to test if I would break out and low and behold I was breaking out as normal. Now it is a part of my permanent routine. I do really like the feeling of this product on my skin. It feels weightless and not sticky like a lot of other serums I have tried in the past. If you would like to try it with a money back guarantee then click the image above to purchase.

2. HSI PROFESSIONAL Argon Oil Heat Protector

I love styling my hair in different ways. When I use a heated appliance I want to make sure my hair is protected as I am doing so. I have tried several heated styling products in the past but most left my hair dry and brittle even at low temperatures. Then I discovered this product. Not only did it leave my hair feeling silky and soft, it also held its style for longer than I expected. I really liked the result of using this product and I would buy it again. If you would like to try it out click the image above to purchase.

3. Smashbox Cosmetics Photo finish Foundation Primer.

For the past few years I have tried so many primers, some I still use to this day. So on my last shopping spree, I thought I would try another product. So I tested out the Smashbox Photo finish foundation primer. To my surprise, I was instantly happy with the results. After application, my skin felt sticky and ready to take on the foundation. The expectation of the primer is to have your foundation last longer. This product did keep my foundation looking good all day. I only had to touch up with a bit of powder twice. I would continue to use this product. If you would like to try out the product, hit the image above and enjoy.

4. Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Powder.

Now here is a product I enjoy! I have only been using this for a couple of weeks. I have noticed a colour change its faint but I need to use it more. I also enjoy the spearmint flavour and at first the black colour while brushing was a little off-putting. It reminded me of some horror flick. Overall I do like the results that I have in just 2 weeks. To purchase click the image above.

5. iS Clinical Youth Complex

Now for something more on the luxury side of things. I have only used this product for about a week now. My eye area is a problem area for me. I have a little darkness under my eyes and some premature wrinkling. So I thought I would treat myself to something more high end. I am usually happy with a medium price range but I thought “Why not”. So far so good. I ditched my other eye serum so I could see if there is any difference. I will keep you all updated on the results. For now, I actually like the feeling of this eye complex. It doesn’t feel too thick and sticky. It feels refreshing. Other eye treatments I have used in the past felt heavy and I could feel the cream under my eye. I also have sensitive eyes so far I have not experienced any irritation. If you would like to check out this product for yourself, click the picture above.

It’s a pleasure to have you here! Thanks for reading. I hope to post many more reviews in future.

Take care everyone and remember,

Be Beauty don’t let Beauty Be You! xo

Beauty Products of the Month Ep2.

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